This photo in particular is for Sharon:

And that's only an hour from our SLC home.

I'd been itching to go backpacking in the Uintas, but I didn't want to be
itching when I got back home - it's a subtle difference up there between bug
season and not. We decided to chance it this weekend and take an overnighter
to Kamas Lake (el. 10,495') on the Lofty Lake Loop, run clockwise. Executive

- Easy hike in 
- Reid's Meadow is beautiful 
- We had Kamas Lake all to ourselves, negating the need to head to Cutthroat
Lake or Teal Lake to find solitude 
- Fishing was decent in Kamas Lake, with a cutthroat trout dinner earned 
- Mosquitoes and deer flies were omnipresent, but Ben's 100% kept them at
- The brilliant full moon rising over the ridgeline around 11:30 pm last
night was stunning 
- Saturday night was darned chilly after 3 am or so, probably dipping close
to 40 despite the 100-degree highs in the Salt Lake Valley 
- The hike out today via the remainder of Lofty Lake Loop affords incredible
views. The trail was rather busy from Lofty Lake down to Scout Lake and back
to the Pass Lake trailhead parking. 

The full account with beaucoup photos is here:

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