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> My truck has 288,007 miles on it.  It's a Toyota.  Nothing's wrong with it other than the red color is fading to pink, the 78,355 farts puffed 'n sputtered into it have made the driver's seat a bit manky and I have to punch it to 80+ MPH on I-89 to get enough mo' to get up that huge hill at Bethel/Sharon.  I have to start getting realistic, however.  

Getting realistic about what?   Unless you've got a pro (or you are qualified) who's telling you its about to die, I say keep the truck you got.  But I'm cheap...

I go through this exercise yearly now, for the past few years.  I really, really want a pickup.  Kinda need one.  But, my 97 Volvo Wagon (244K) just keeps on ticking.  Ain't worth a dime to sell it, would cost me a bundle to replace it.  Why take on the payment or spend the money?  I got a reliable mechanic who once a year goes through it and tells me "No reason to get rid of this car".  And it ain't like he's whacking me a few thousand every year for service.  I've spent about $2K over the last 4 years.  Its due for some new sneakers right now, but other than that, it just keeps going.  

OK, back to your original question...

I've had Toyotas and Hondas, both will go forever in my experience however it seems like the ongoing maintenance is higher with the Honda.   

One thing I hadn't seen mentioned is consideration of your current use of the truck capabilities.  Lots of suggestions for wagons and SUV types of things, will you miss not having the truck?  Seems like an important consideration.

Good luck.

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