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> I suppose we would need to define "out of hand" to answer that.  Instead of debating that >definition, how about we go to your own referenced Pew research and check out this one: >  That doc makes it pretty clear (to me)  that >illegal/unauthorized immigration, particularly as a percentage of overall immigration, is >skyrocketing.

Let's see. According to your graph, between '95-99, illegals were 53%
of all immigrants.  From 2000 to 2004 it grew to, whaddya know, 53% of
all immigrants!

I know, you're probably looking at comparing it with pre-1995, albeit
completely out of context.  So let's take a look at what happened
between the US and Mexico that might have caused a drastic change in
those years. Oh my, what a coincidence, it seems that NAFTA took
effect on January 1, 1994. I can find no other record of any other
major event or policy change between US and Mexico during those years.
 Unless Ben Kulas enlightens us otherwise, I'm willing to bet that
there is a pretty big correlation between NAFTA and the sudden
increase in illegal immigrants.

After that one event there has been no spiralling upward of illegal
population in the US.  At least none that anyone can show, even though
the politicians and the media would like you to think it happened.

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