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Benjamin Kulas writes:
> I'd be interested in learning about their experiences and encounters
> with illegal aliens.

I was born in New F'ing Bedford.  It has always had a large illegal
population.  In my youth, it was dominated by Portuguese-speaking
Cape Verdian and Brazilian illegals.  There were 3 columns of Manuel
Mederos in the phone book.  

And they were all illegal aliens?

Beginning in the early 1970's, the illegals
started being hispanic.  I just assumed it was normal to live in a place
where 80% of the population was some kind of Portuguese or Hispanic
descent.  I was one of the token WASPs.  Playing soccer against New
Bedford High was always a trip.  English just wasn't spoken on the field
either by the players or the refs.  My father was Portuguese-fluent and I
had a decent working vocabulary though I now tend to use the Spanish
dialect rather than the Portuguese one of my youth.  In that part of the
world, you had to since fully 25% of the population did not speak

Sounds horrible!  (BTW, Portuguese and Spanish are usually considered two-different languages. Although I have, in the past, argued that they are two dialects of the same language. Furthermore, Spanish has several dialects, for example, Castilian, the primary/official dialect of Spain, is not often used in Mexico.)

I moved out when I graduated from college.  The local economy has
been a disaster for 75 years and I had to move to a more affluent part
of New England to earn a high tech living.  I'm now living in lilly-white
New Hampshire but I've spent much of my adult life in much more
mixed environments in eastern Massachusetts.

Wait, I'm confused.  If you're not "lilly [sic]-white," you're an illegal alien?

Your turn, Mr. Expert in everything...

Erm, that's Mr. Expert-in-Everything (Except for Chemistry).

For a partial list of my qualifications, please refer to my response to Skip's similar query.

So what impact are illegal aliens having on lily-white New Hampshire?

caveat lector
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