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>For a partial list of my qualifications, please refer to my response
>to Skip's similar query.

Which, by the way, I found unimpressive

So you're saying there are Skivittlers who are confronted with the subject of illegal (and legal) immigration on greater than a daily basis? Who, in addition, have studied both primary and secondary sources on the history of immigration (including illegal) in the United States. And, on top of that, are married to experts in the field. Wow! I'd love to hear from these people!

- but I'm far too busy to
post a deconstruction.

Dear Dog, we're not going to swerve into theories of literary analysis, are we?

I don't know about NH.  We've to date not had much of an issue with
illegals in Maine.  

Even those from Canuckistan?

They're apparently a growing problem in Massachusetts.

I'd be interested to learn more about the problems.

caveat lector
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