Off the hook. Out of control. Madness. Sick, sick, sick!

We had big fireworks in our little town. Resonating echoes boomed off
the mountains. Explosions came from all directions. Rockets
criss-crossed in the air. Flashes of brilliant color lit up the night.
Fire rained from the sky. For almost THREE HOURS.

In the morning, we loaded up Ryan's truck with our ski gear, our dogs,
and high spirits. Six neighbors on Town Ski Day, July 4, 2007.

We rumbled up Main Street and through the 'burbs. Stopping at various
houses to pick up various people. The town was alive with festivity at
eight in the morning. Random pops, whistles and booms were already
happening. People were hosing down everything in town. Preparations
were being made. People wooted and waved at us, a truckload of skiers
passing slowly through town, up a 4x4 road and out of sight.

From a high switchback in the middle of nowhere, we hiked through a
flowery meadow to the bottom of the snow. The sun was blazing. The
snow was blinding. The uphill hike was steep and gorgeous. Views of
the spectacular, lush green valley got better and better. Red rocks,
snowcaps and lakes. 360 degrees, for miles and miles of nothing but

The turns were outstanding. Perfectly smooth, silky snow for 1500
vertical feet. Back across the meadow, to the beer in the cooler in
the truck. Just in time to beat the thunderstorm.

Rumbling back through town, back into the sunshine, the smell of
barbeques and sounds of horse shoes clanging ringers. Omnipresent pops
and whistles - people still lighting off their fireworks, all day

We cooked burgers, brats and brain cells. Everyone mixed and mingled
about. The party wasn't at my house, or Jay's, or Ryan's, or Bryant's
or any place. It was everywhere. All fifty neighbors. Town ski day.
Town party. Town fireworks.

As dusk approached, outsiders arrived in droves. Hundreds of people,
mostly friends of neighbors came and settled in. Lawn chairs
everywhere. The show began around 9 and lasted until almost midnight.
People's cheers and screams were drowned out by surging firestorms in
the sky. For almost THREE HOURS.

Out of control. Madness. Off the hook.


A video recap, guaranteed to please:

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