As the person on the List most qualified to address this issue, here are a few of my thoughts/observations:

(1) There is a problem with drug smuggling over the border. Even prior to the existence of borders, smuggling has existed; it will always continue to exist, and, of course, must always be combated.

(2) There is a problem with human smuggling over the border. Most migrants/immigrants don't come from border states, and so they're ignorant of the challenges the geography (as well as American laws) may present (the migrants/immigrants are often told that it's a 30 minute walk to Tucson--it's about an hour by car). "Coyotes" charge them exorbitant fees, and then leave them to die in the desert if they can't keep up, or try to steal/kidnap the immigrants of other coyotes.

(3) Many (most? dunno) illegal aliens are migrant workers. Most (all?) illegal aliens pay taxes.

(4) US businesses "depend on" migrant/immigrant laborers. Are the companies guilty of using illegal aliens to lower payrolls? Are Americans too yssup to do certain types of work? Both.

(5) Aliens are often trying to escape wretched conditions and make better lives for themselves. Or they're just trying to make better lives for themselves. An unreasonable goal?

(6) Attitudes towards and laws regarding immigrants have always been racist. Whether the immigrants be German, Irish, Chinese, Polish, Italian, or Mexican.

(7) 30 years ago ketchup was the #1 condiment in America. Today it's salsa. The Editorial Swampmormon makes fajitas when he backpacks.

(8) White Americans historically present a great threat to the security of the,, homeland.

(9) Canadians are probably more likely to steal high-paying jobs from Americans than Mexicans (based on anecdotal evidence. But who've stolen more comedic jobs from Americans, Canadians or Mexicans?)

The general sum of my thought is that whatever problems we currently face regarding illegal aliens is, generally, less the fault of the aliens and more the result of poor policy and racism.

caveat lector
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