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>For the most part, I endorse what TEO is saying.  All things being equal,
>4WD vehicles are less reliable and provide substantially worse gas mileage.
>Given that all of the Suby's are puny vehicles, the gas mileage skcus,
>IMHO.  I think most/all of us could get by with good snow tires.
>OTOH, I think only a rich person or fool would buy a Prius.  Great concept,
>sure, but that technology is not proven by millions of vehicle-miles like
>nearly all other vehicles.  For expensive consumer products, leading
>edge technology is a bad idea.  Let someone else be the beta tester.
>Also, gas mileage is widely recognized as something that people lie
>about.  So take all gas mileage claims here with a giant grain of salt.

I got my 45mpg from the prius's display.   
Have you driven a Prius?   I'm a nerd, so I love all of the features.  
I do agree that it has not been proven by millions of
vehicle miles.

I don't even know why I am participating in this topic.  I like to drive old
boxes.    My recommendation, buy a used car where they don't have winter.
Never buy a used car from Vermont.  

I am currently driving a 93 Civic with 195K miles on it.   I get a honest 35mpg.
Unfortunately, my daughter hit a deer and a guard rail with it.  The muffler
off.  So now it won't pass inspection.    I want to keep driving it.

Mig, How is the boot shoppoing going?

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