From one little fish to many others:

It may be fading away, but there are still some nice lines left to
ski. A friend and I drove to Mayflower Gulch near Leadville and spied
several possibilities on June 29:

The bump on the far right is Fletcher Mountain at 13,951'. I'd skied
this one several Junes ago. It was hard to say from this angle if the
run was even close to continuous, so we walked straight up the middle
of the valley to get a better view. If it didn't "go", we'd boot up
one of the other shots.

Happily, it went. Or at least, close enough, and our route was decided:

Let the scrambling begin!

These things always take longer than expected. After about three hours
there was nowhere to go but down. The snow was very smooth for late
June and varied from excellent to super excellent corn.

The views were nice, too. Look familiar?


We skied from about 13,900' to just below 12,000', interrupted by a
fifty foot section of down-angled climbing to connect to the "out"
chute through the cliffs. An 1,800' plus run is pretty good for this
time of year. Especially for a five hour round-trip  driving

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