Lets not quibble over _a specific year_.  Also,
because the rate of illegal immigration may have
declined the total accumulation of illegal immigrants
over the last 15 to 20 years is probably contributing
to the situation.

 Are you suggesting that the ones that came in 10
years ago and haven't been caught, dealt with or
whatever have freely decided to leave the country and
snuck out and some organization is keeping track of
that.  I really wonder how they can come up with
numbers when the object of sneaking into the country
undetected in the first place is to remain undetected.

 Like any report that comes out on any topic I would
question how they derived their "facts." To me the
"rate" does not impact on the overall problem. 
Obviously, the President and all of Congress haven't
seen these "facts" or have come to the conclusion that
these "facts" don't really impact on the overall
problem.  You should really bring this to the
attention of Congress, maybe it will help fix things.

 An an example,take the violent crime rate for
instance.  If it drops 10% in a year that is a
significant accomplishment but how does that impact
the remaining 90% that are victims?  The problem still
needs to be worked on.  Jimski

--- roger Klinger <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On 7/1/07, James Dugan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > The reason
> > it is a problem is because of how far it has
> gotten
> > out of hand.
> Once again, I ask that list members take a minute to
> research facts
> before spewing opinions based on what media and
> politicians want you
> to believe.
> The easily found fact of the matter is that
> immigration, both legal
> and illegal, has declined sharply in the last 6
> years.  See for
> yourself:

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