New to the server ....
Been skiing VT for several years with Henry Barboza,
Started working as a ski instructor 2 years ago at Ski Sundown 
Spent two weeks in Salt Lake city this year looking at jobs and homes and ski 
Took up tele skiing at Alt.

Been skiing with Henry B and discussing the best place to live and ski as we 
would travel 91 up to vermont this past season.   

I figured this would be a good place to get others opinions based on places 
you've lived or traveled to.

The criteria I'm looking for are;
Longest season possible.
Good ski school with active program for kids who I can teach.
Accessable back country so we can ski camp away from crowds.
Close to water for boating and swimming in the summer.

Quality city life for the spouse need to be;
Large enough city so that my wife likes the arts, entertainment and shopping.
Affordable decent houseing,
Clean and unpolluted.

I'm currently thinking the potential sites are 
Burlington Vt - Work at Stowe 
Salt Lake City - Work at Brighton
Christchurch, New Zealand - work at ???
(The search isn't limited to the US)

BTW - the ski season is just getting up and running some places

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