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>  Most importantly, I  think if I do get in another bad wreck, I will do better than if I was in
> subie wagon or an old Tacoma...

Hate to side with TEO, but if that was the reason you got the FJ, you bought the wrong car. Subaru
wagons are highly ranked for safety, up there with Volvo. That said, I like some of the standard
features of the FJ, but cant get past the horrible rearward visibility, weak exterior
size/interior space ratio, lame plastic bumpers, and gaudy exterior. And doesn't the clamshell
door design mean the person in the front has to remove their seatbelt for a rear passenger to get
out? That would get annoying.

If I were considering a new SUV, it would be the Nissan Xterra or the four door Wrangler. 


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