--- Rick Kominowski <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> The criteria I'm looking for are;
> Longest season possible.
> Good ski school with active program for kids who I can teach.
> Accessable back country so we can ski camp away from crowds.
> Close to water for boating and swimming in the summer.
> Quality city life for the spouse need to be;
> Large enough city so that my wife likes the arts, entertainment and shopping.
> Affordable decent houseing,
> Clean and unpolluted.
> I'm currently thinking the potential sites are 
> Burlington Vt - Work at Stowe 
> Salt Lake City - Work at Brighton
> Christchurch, New Zealand - work at ???
> (The search isn't limited to the US)

You could add Seattle and Vancouver to that. I instruct at Snoqualmie/Alpental in the winter, we
have a pretty cool tele program on Weds and Thursday nights. While their organization leaves
something to be desired, it is an easy place to work. I just do it for the pass and tele clinics
though, so as a full time PSIA guy you may get more or less out of it. If you are looking to just
teach midweek it may be tough, most of their business is on Sat and Sundays. Alpental has good
kids programs that start up in January, and they are always short on instructors for the Friday
night, sat and Sunday programs. Terrain and BC access are great and it is an easy hour door to
door from the city on 4 lane interstate.

On all other points, as long as you aren't looking to buy a house, it meets the citeria. We still
have skiable snow within an hour or two of the city. I'm going next weekend. Skiing in September
gets a little scratchy, but it's there if you are willing to hike a little.


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