I traded a 2 door Wrangler for my Xterra.  It wasn't
just about the interior room either.  The Wrangler was
barely 4 years old and falling apart with 30,000
miles.  Rear door rusted up shut, tires bald, exhaust
going, front end cv or bearing noise getting worse and
worse and for the entire four years the dealer kept
blowing me off with the standard oh they all do that
excuse.  There were several other things I can't
remember were starting to look expensive for me to
have to deal with.
I traded an 00 Jeep for an 01 Xterra in 04.  The
xterra had 21000 on it.  After a while it needed 4
tires and front brakes.  But to this day it hasn't
given me any other problems and keeps on ticking like
the Energizer bunny.  From my own experience and not
just in this case anything of Japanese background
beats anything of US background.  I still can't
believe I got home from skiing on Valentine's day in
the Xterra.  It took four and a half hours to go 88
miles but it never got stuck. Don't buy one if you
have to drive a lot of miles because the gas expense
will kill you but it is slightly better than the Jeep.

--- Jeremy Malczyk <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> If I were considering a new SUV, it would be the
> Nissan Xterra or the four door Wrangler. 

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