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>Ben wrote:
>>* *(link to article in PoR)
>You ask in your subject line "when will they become mandatory?". It's
>perhaps closer than we think. A bill that required climbing parties
>to carry one above 10K' on Mt. Hood recently stalled in the Oregon senate.
>The story is here on the Access Fund site:

The "they" and "one" here are not quite referencing the same thing.

That is, the original article was about PLBs, which work anywhere in the world, 
and transmit the owner's registration information and current location (either 
precisely via gps, or less precisely via triangulation of the PLB satellite signals), 
with the transmission constantly monitored and then routed to a local rescue 

By contrast, the proposed Mt Hood legislation would have required:
An individual, or at least one individual in
a group, who engages in mountain climbing in the month of
November, December, January, February or March on Mount Hood at
an elevation above 10,000 feet shall carry a two-way, electronic
communication device and:
  (a) A global positioning system receiver;
  (b) A personal locator beacon transmitter;
  (c) A Mount Hood mountain locator unit; or
  (d) Other comparable device.
Therefore, a ~$10 FRS radio + ~$80 GPS would have satisified the 
requirements of the proposed bill.  (Note that the MLU is unique to Hood, is 
monitored only when the need for a rescue becomes known through some 
other means, and is not very precise.)

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