is running up your electric bill at your house cheaper than running up your gas bill at the pump? 
i saw an article in the most recent pop-sci about new battery technology that charges in minutes and lasts days, they commented that it could revolutionize electric car possibilities. granted pop- sci goes over the top alot, but worth discussing. 

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2.  Electric:  Biggest red herring ever created.  No one in the oil business
or the auto business killed the electric car.  Smart folks (those who
realized that all electric cars accomplished was moving the source of
pollution to the generating source instead of up and down the street),
killed it.  All and all, a horrific experience from a usability standpoint.
Best quote ever "Electric cars are great, and I think my neighbours should
all drive them"


The internal combustion engine is horribly inefficient relative to an electric motor and battery. Shifting the location of energy production to a centralized grid gives the typical electric car an equivalent efficiency of easily 100 mpg (likely much more than that).

As the electric grid gets cleaner over time (hopefully), one could expect this level to go up. In a state like Vermont, with a very clean grid already, an electric car is an extremely low-impact ride.

I do agree that the useability of the electric car needs to go up, which it is with advances in battery technology. In the meantime the hybrid system is a smart middle-ground. Plug-in hybrids are next (get your first ~100 miles per tank on battery alone if you choose to plug in). In the long term, the individual auto model will have to become outmoded anyway.

Ethanol is virtually worthless to America in its current form, and don't believe any politician who tells you otherwise.

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