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The most in-depth discussions I've ever seen on this topic are over at the First Tracks!! General Discussion Forum.  You may find some useful information there.  Having Tony Crocker (the snowfall statistician) involved is really neat because he just has a heck of a knowledge base with regard to many of the factors that people consider when relocating in the context of skiing.  He's even toyed with the idea of creating a numerical system that tries to encompass many of those factors, and although the system would be extremely difficult to devise, just the discussion involved in the potential development provided some really interesting insight for me.  Other contributors in those discussions include Marc Guido and Marc Chrusch from this list, but since I didn't see that they had given the links to any First Tracks!! threads in their SkiVT-L responses, here's the major one:




As I mentioned, there's been more than one thread about the "Where to live with regard to skiing" topic in that forum; here's another link that Tony gave in one of his responses:




Not to knock the information you'll get here at SkiVT-L on this topic, but those discussions are already there, so there's a lot of great reading available.  There was some emphasis on bigger cities in the first thread I posted, which I bring up because you said that some degree of city life was a factor.  But, smaller places are also discussed.


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