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As an on-roader though, there are a couple issues.  It's so dark
inside that sitting in it feels like being in a cave, and the huge D
pillars create big blind spots exactly where you'd like to be able to
see when changing lanes. Also, the large, heavy wheels, tires and
driveline compromise the on-road handling IMO.

when I test drove one back in March I found this to be right on the money. It is a "lane-changing" nightmare. I found it to be much more spacious than it appears though. in/egress from the backseat through the suicide doors is simple. The available "active traction control" has received rave reviews from all of the articles I have read. One other detractor is that it requires premium fuel. I ended up getting an 07 wrangler because i wanted a serious off-roader and a convertible. The JK is the only thing out there that fits the bill.

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