I vote for Bozeman MT great local skiing at Bridger Bowl with Big Sky/Moonlight Basin less than an hour away, amazing backcountry, Yellowstone nearby, funky Burlington-esque town with some arts/culture and activity due to MSUs location there.  The water/boating part may be a problem but hey, its fly fishing paradise with unbelievable rivers everywhere what could be better?  And as for jobs, MT has to be better than anti-business bleeding heart liberal anti-everything VT!  Bait bait…………


On 7/5/07, Rick Kominowski <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


> The criteria I'm looking for are;

> Longest season possible.

> Good ski school with active program for kids who I can teach.

> Accessable back country so we can ski camp away from crowds.

> Close to water for boating and swimming in the summer.


> Quality city life for the spouse need to be;

> Large enough city so that my wife likes the arts, entertainment and

> shopping.

> Affordable decent houseing,

> Clean and unpolluted.

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