Ex-Surgeon General Faults White House

Ex-Surgeon General Faults White House
Richard Carmona says the administration 'simply buried' his scientific
data on such issues as stem cell research and teen pregnancy.
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Times Staff Writer
July 11, 2007
Los Angeles Times

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WASHINGTON  President Bush's first surgeon general testified Tuesday that
his speeches were censored to match administration political positions and
that he was prevented from giving the public accurate scientific
information on issues such as stem cell research and teen pregnancy

"Anything that doesn't fit into the political appointees' ideological,
theological or political agenda is ignored, marginalized or simply
buried," Dr. Richard H. Carmona, who was surgeon general from 2002 to
2006, told a congressional committee. "The job of surgeon general is to be
the doctor of the nation  not the doctor of a political party."

Early in the administration, when the issue of federal funding for stem
cell research arose, Carmona said, he felt he could play an educational
role by discussing the latest scientific research. Instead, he said, he
was told to "stand down" because the White House already had made a
decision to limit stem cell studies. He said administration appointees who
reviewed his speech texts deleted references to stem cells.

Carmona's remarks were the latest in a series of complaints from
government scientists about what they say are administration efforts to
control  and sometimes distort  scientific evidence in order to support
policy decisions.

NASA scientists have complained, for example, of political pressure to
tone down warnings about global warming. Environmental Protection Agency
officials have complained that technical information on such subjects as
power plant emissions and oil drilling have been ignored.


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