There is a help tip in SurveyMonkey on how to manage a results in Excel.
 Just go to SurveyMonkey, click on the "Help Center" button on the top
right, type "Excel" in the Search Answers box and you get a list of tips
on using SurveyMonkey results with Excel.  

And just a tip, the Help Center has a lot of good information.


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Colleagues, My kudos to the officers and HLS for making SurveyMonkey
(what I will write as SM) available to us.  We have used it for a
survey.  We have downloaded results and now have them in an Excel
spreadsheet so we can graph them.  I had trouble getting the data into
an Excel spreadsheet, however.

To help you in the Excel process, here is what I learned.

You can download the SM results, and they will come to you as a WinZip
file.  Extract or save that file somewhere on your computer where you
can find it.  It will have an Excel icon before it, making you think
is an Excel file, but it really is not, yet.  It is one mass of data
trying to open that WinZip file right after downloading did not work.

After saving (extracting) the WinZip SM download to a file on your
computer, open Excel.  Navigate to (find your saved file) the
file (you have to change the designation from Excel files to "all
files") and click to open it.  Excel will ask you to specify how to
delimit the SM download.  This is where you keep your Tabs, delimit by
comma, etc., then open the saved file.  Et, voila!  You should have an
Excel spreadsheet of your survey results.

I did not find the WinZip nor the SM nor the Microsoft Helps to really
help.  By chance, just as I was talking with our IT Dept helper, I had
Excel opened and I clicked on a downloaded file.  The delimited format
screen appeared and I created the spreadsheet.  What I had been doing
was trying to open what looked like the Excel data from the SM
without first opening Excel.  I could see all the data, but it was one
big cell, not delimited, and obviously would not function as a

If you try it and have questions, email me.  I think I can walk you
through it.


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