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Hi, all - TGIF!!  Here is this week's batch of articles - please feel
free to pass them on.

Roberts LR. Casting a wider net: improving access to medical literature
in developing countries.
Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2007 Jul; 82(7): 846-8.
..."We present a proposal for an innovative way to improve the provision
of eduational materials to health care professionals in developing

Carlisle JB. Systematic reviews: how they work and how to use them.
Anaesthesia 2007 Jul; 62(7): 702-7.
..."In this article, I discuss how a systematic review should work and
how it can go wrong."

Streiner DL. A shortcut to rejection: how not to write the results
section of a paper.
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 2007 Jun; 52(6): 783-9.
"This article discusses common errors in writing up the results of

Monson JR. Inflammatory bowel disease. [colorectal website review]
Diseases of the Colon & Rectum 2007 Jul; 50(7): 1094-8.
"This review lists some common websites, followed by an introduction and
a review."
(It includes websites "for the physician and specialist nurse", "for the
patient", and "patients with stoma", giving starred ratings)

Delaney A. The quality of reports of critical care meta-analyses in the
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: an independent appraisal.
Critical Care Medicine 2007 Feb; 35(2): 589-94. (we just received this
back issue)
"onclusions: Although the quality of reports of meta-analyses published
in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews is superior to the
quality of reports of meta-analyses published in regular journals, there
is significant room for improvement. Clinicians should critically
appraise all reports of meta-analyses before considering the results,
regardless of the source of publication."

Wright RW. How to write a systematic review.
Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research 2007 Feb; (455): 23-29.
(another late issue just received)
From the abstract: "A systematic review of a clinical question can be
performed by following a relatively standard form. These techniques as
described here can be performed without formal training. Systematic
reviews conducted in this fashion can be used as a higher form of
current concepts or as review articles and replace the traditional
expert opinion narrative review."

Dickey ID. On the importance of being earnest: good back-up strategies.
Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2007 Apr; 15(4):
(on computer backup programs).

Bilavsky E. Literature names for pediatric medical conditions.
Acta Paediatrica 2007 Jul; 96(7): 975-8.
"This article highlights some of the extraordinary medical eponyms
borrowed from the popular literature, reviews the circumstances that led
to their creation and describes their link to the actual medical
(examples 'Alice in Wonderland' syndrome, Lilliputian hallucinations)

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