This one has me totally stumped.  I am trying to locate / order an
article from Critical Pathways in Cardiology: A Journal of
Evidence-Based Medicine.

As far as I can tell, it is not indexed in PubMed. 


I went the journal website to get the ISSN to search in LocatorPlus, and
the ISSN listed on the journal website comes up in LocatorPlus as
Journal of general internal medicine :official journal of the Society
for Research and Education in Primary Care Internal Medicine.

It also is listed in PubMed as Journal of general internal medicine.


I called the publisher of Critical Pathways in Cardiology and inquired
with them (journal name changes, etc.).  They said no, it must be wrong
in PubMed.

I could be missing something totally obvious, but I'm not finding it.


Any ideas?


The article I am in search of is 

Hand M. Act in time to heart attack signs: update on the National Heart
Attack Alert Program's campaign to reduce patient delay. Crit Pathways
Cardiol: J Evidence-Based Med 2004; 3:128-33.


Thanks so much for any help.




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