I told my boss that I would ask all of you for your opinions on this
issue....he and I have different viewpoints and he'd like to hear what some
of you have to say.

We copied and ordered all the articles from the recent ACOG listing for one
of the local OB/GYNs.  A person from his office picked the articles up in
two piles, one yesterday, the other on Wednesday.  Of the 17 articles on
the list, we could provide 14 from our own sources, but had to order 4 of

With the receipt of those articles, we went over the copyright rule of 5
limitation, so paid royalties to the CCC for $35 and $48 respectfully.
This is how we do it and our budget absorbs the costs.

Well, his office called today and he didn't realize that he needed these
articles, so he threw them all away.  We can easily recopy for 13 that we
have, and will reorder the 4 remaining articles and pay royalties again,
this time for all 4 of them.

The issue is that my boss believes that we can maintain a file of these
articles and make second copies if they are lost by the recipient.  His
other suggestion is that we send an electronic copy (we have never sent
anything electronic to this doctor, but assume that he does have an e-mail
account) as well as the paper copy.  Then if he loses the copy, he has the
electronic one stored so he can make another copy.

Anyway, I feel that all of these options are a little on the shady
side.....but he thinks that we should be pragmatic and come up with a
solution so, if this happens again, with this doc or any other, we are
ready to assist.

I would really appreciate any comments from those of you who might
understand copyright better than I do.  Thanks in advance for your advice.
Jane Borland

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