Need space for computer stations and one or more printers, space for
comfortable seating, maybe space for consumer health (if you do that kind
of thing).  More than adequate shelving space, because you will need more
than you think.  Ask for a work area separate from your office or any
assistant's office.  Should contain sink and have space for microwave,
fridge, etc.  AND you need a staff restroom in the library.
Moving shelves to store older journal are great.  Very compact, easily
and great space saver. (Same type as they use in medical records)
Separate room for watching av's; meeting space; 5 years growth for
We're renovating this summer and included a 10-seat
training/interactive room, comfortable lounge furniture, space for 10-11
computers (public access), smaller print periodicals shelving and nice new
carpet, walls, office furniture, ceiling and lighting.
If I had my druthers - plenty of small meeting rooms and quiet study areas.
Modern libraries are far too noisy for patrons.  People still need quiet
places to study.  If you don't have a wireless network, I'd lobby for one.
Many libraries are going for a one desk/self serve area where reference
questions can be answered and book checked out.  Sort of the 'Borders'
concept.  You might think of a central desk where all things can happen. .
Storage space, plenty of space for public computers, public (networked)
large carrels (4 ft wide).
Get all your wires behind the walls.  Looks so much better.  Darker colors
don't show all the bangs that happen to the furniture.
We're renovating our 2,000 square foot hospital library at the *******.
I've been working for the past year and a half with a renovation committee
and architect. Suggestions would include:

Double the # of public computers
Reduce shelving for journals
Multipurpose Conference Room
Good networking to allow for connectivity to the Internet
We renovated an area three years ago.  You may want as many computer
workstations as space allows.   A computer classroom with a blank wall for
projection, good acoustics, and numerous pc workstations.
1. Ask them for one week so you can prepare and submit a proper written
"library building plan" documenting your needs properly! Attached are
two model library space building plans, they are confidential-- but
illustrate what you want to do for them.

2. Tell them you want to tour the most recently built medical libraries
to take pictures to share with them.... of the latest library space plan
trends. Go to Lancaster Hospital Medical Library, Lancaster and
Chrisitiana Hospital, Newark DE, and Overlook's new library  -- (they
have a consumer health library, and it really helped Princeton get 1500
more square feet!). This will make ALL the difference.

3. Tell them you want a patient/consumer library area in addition to
medical library.

4. You need space for seating for PC's -- Library 2.0 is all about the
patron's use of the library ... Not necessarily the collection, so do
not let them cut your space saying it all goes electronic..tell them
that means seating

5. Wireless. Carrels that allow for PCs.
Lots of electrical outlets for laptops.
Individual carrels for computers and studying.

Wireless library.

A room (if possible) west up with webcam
so people can take classes over the Internet.

A consumer library space (if applicable)

At least 2 comfortable chairs for reading.

A workroom with ample shelving for all your
library materials.

Flat screen monitors for your public computers.
Lots of network connections and ample power supplies

A good floor would also help - weight bearing as well as padding to give
your back a break on those days you don't sit down.

Suggestions included:
      Open environment with computer workstations and comfortable chairs
      for relaxed reading.  Eliminate circulation desk and make that area
      open as well
      Casual reading area adjacent to current journals/new books display
      Quiet study room (with network ports)
      Group study room(with network ports)--can be booked for group study
      or journal clubs, DVD for independent staff learning and /or
      patient/family teaching. One person wishes they had more of these
      PC area/computer center - number of computers varies from 7- 25
      Improved lighting system, ie indirect lighting
      Add consumer health or patient/family resource center
      Wireless access for those bringing in laptops
      Borders like atmosphere with ability to drink coffee and study
      Plants, color, and seating to provide atmosphere where hospital
      staff, medical staff, patients and family can check decompress from
      the stress of the hospital. Try to have a new and contemporary look
      in an old space.
      Space to conduct reference interview with some privacy,
      Check websites on HLS Wiki
      Variety of furniture--carrels, tables, casual seating. computer
      workstations, quiet study rooms.
      Get MLA Guide to Mangaing Health Care Libraries (Holst and Phillips)
      Also, a Haworth Press book, Planning, Renovatin, Expanding, and
      Constructing Library Facilities in Hospitals, Medical Centers, and
      Health Organizations.
      Review Library Journal and American Libraries that "Show off" new and
      renovated libraries.  Visit libraries and bring a digital camera.

Some of the ideas I have incorporated include: more open environment, with
a casual reading area near the current periodical shelving.  We will have
improved lighting, and a better use of color.(the library had been the only
section in the Education Center, which had not been given a "face-lift" in
many years).  There will be a variety of furniture.  The library will have
a color scheme which will tie in with the colors that flow from the main
entrance (lobby) back to our Education Center.  I am delighted!
Consider entrance and location:  central is better, some entrance that
you can monitor from your position in the library; consider how many
staff you have and where you will put them relative to their tasks;
consider whether the space will be disabled accessible -- not just for
patients; how many computer stations?  Location for study?  Separate
rooms for office; storage; study; etc.  Hope this helps.
I have docs in all the time trying to talk
about heir patients- I have to keep reminding
them about confidentiality - seems like
they always use names and always forget that
there are other folks in the library.

I have movable shelving- get the non-electrical
kind - I have had only one service call since

Have A Nice Day :-)

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