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Dellavalle RP. Refining dermatology journal impact factors using
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 2007 Jul; 57(1): 116-9.
Conclusion: Adjusting for citation origin provides a more refined
measure of journal status and changes relative dermatology journal

Hwang KO. Quality of weight loss advice on Internet forums.
American Journal of Medicine 2007 Jul; 120(7): 604-9.
Conclusion: Most advice posted on highly active Internet weight loss
forums is not erroneous or harmful. However, clinical and research
strategies are needed to address the quality of medication-related

Coelho HF. An investigation of the contents of complementary and
alternative medicine journals.
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 2007 Jul/Aug; 13(4): 40-
Conclusions: There is an apparent shift away from effectiveness research
in CAM journals. This requires further investigation, and comparisons
with other journals are needed. The large proportion of postive articles
published in CAM journals appears to not adequately reflect the best
available effectiveness evidence. This has implications for those using
CAM journals as their main source of information in this area.

The July 2007 Medicine on the Net's "Healthcare Guide to the Internet"
is on Obstetrics and Infertility, pages 11-24.

Neely JG. Practical guide when searching for answers: how to find the
right article.
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 2007 Jul; 137(1): 5-9.
"This article seeks to assist the practicing physician by briefly
describing the ways physicians look at the literature, outlining the
types of articles that should be sought to answer differnt types of
clinical questions, and offering practical tips on performing
computerized searches."

Welch TR. Who provides physicians with advice over the Internet? A study
of a pediatric subspecialty discussion group.
Journal of Pediatrics 2007 Jul; 151(1): 96-7.
Abstract: Internet-based bulletin boaards have become one method by
which physicians access patient management advice from colleagues. The
reliability of this advice has never been examined. "PEDNEPH", a
bulletin board/discussion group for pediatric nephrologists, was studied
over a 6-month period. One hundred thirteen responses were provided to
50 questions by 56 respondents. Thirty-one (27%) of these 113 responses
were provided by respondents with a recent peer-reviewed publication
pertinent to the question posted. The 8 most frequent providers of
advice on this bulletin board included only 3 with current board
certification in pediatric nephrology. These individuals had a wide
range of citation frequencies; the most frequent provider of information
has no indexed publications or citations. Participation as a respondent
in this bulletin board does not ensure that an individual has formal

Foote MA. Why references: giving credit and growing the field.
Chest 2007 Jul; 132(1): 344-6.
"It is inexcusable to fail to cite the work of other researchers or to
attempt to pass off the ideas of others as one's own".

Guide to nursing certification organizations: specialty certification
DCCN Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing 2007 Jul/Aug; 26(4): 156-7.

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