Hello...if anyone can assist, that would be appreciated.

Earlier today, we purchased an article from an online vendor.  They zipped it through in the promised time for a price tag of $91. 

And it's basically a non-legible fax since the text was on a colored background and now resembles snow on the sidewalk.

We have contacted the vendor; the very nice woman will resend it but it is supposed to arrive in the same .TIF format we already have, so I'm not holding out much hope.  "more legible" is good because the current format is basically pffffffft.

Would anyone be willing to send it along seeing as we already paid for it?  

Managed Care Interface
10 (9):; 99-107
Kelloway, JS and Wyatt, R.
A cost-effective analysis of breath-actuated metered-dose inhalers 

Many thanks for anyone who can assist. 

Kind regards --

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