Hey Abe,

It's good to hear from you, of course you can get a discount, I'll  
talk with the person in charge of finances today.  I won't see you  
tomorrow, but  I will next week.  Talk to you soon


Quoting Abe Barth-Werb <[log in to unmask]>:

> hello
> I would like to start training tomorrow. can i get discount happiness?
> Abe
> On 8/31/07, Danielle R. Pecor <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> Hope this week went as smoothly as possible.  If you want to start
>> training this fall (september, which is only next week) let me know.
>> Especially if you are thinking about the introductory series if you
>> have never done Aikido, talk to me.  If the discount isn't enough, $15
>> off is only a minimum.  Contact me, we might be able to work something
>> out to get it under even $55.  We could always use more money and we
>> could find and effective way to fundraise to make the discount a
>> little more.  If we raise $50 every month and put it toward dues, that
>> would bring the discount up to $20 a person (down to $50 a month to
>> train).  Just email or call me if you want to train, or even if you
>> feel like you can't, let me know.
>> There is the SGA Fall Activities Fair next Wednesday Sept 5th from
>> 10am-3pm.  I have classes but if you have ANY time to give please be
>> generous and tell me.  If you want to help prepare you can do that to
>> if you can't sit at the table.  It would be a good time to learn about
>> Aikido and promote it.
>> Mandatory meeting next Friday September 7th!  Time yet to be announced
>> so let me know what works.  Important information with officer
>> positions to fill, movie night to plan for, and fundraising to do.  It
>> is essential that you can make it.  The dojo is also having a
>> demonstration that Friday night at 7pm I believe and Saturday morning
>> at 10 or 11 am for the Art Hop next weekend.  It is a great time to
>> see and support local artists (or martial artists) so stop by.  :)
>> Yay! shortest email yet.  Have a good weekend and stay in touch
>> Danielle
>> 802-522-9730