Hey people,

School is getting close and I hope you are all starting to get ready  
(mentally and physically) for the start.  If anyone wants to train for  
september at the dojo you are going to have to let me know.  Just  
reply with your nameEven if you are new to the listserv and to aikido  
you can start. There is an intro series starting at the beginning of  
every month, which comes at a better deal at $160 for 3 months instead  
of $70 a month (which is a little less than $55 a month).  With the  
discount the club is willing to give, it will count for people just  
starting to train as well. That will take $15 a month off still making  
it $115 for 3 months.  I would say that's a very good incentive to  
start if you have been thinking about it.  The intro classes are  
Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

Ok, I will still need committment from people for the first year  
picnic next saturday august 25th and I wish I had more information but  
the organizer hasn't supplied me with any.

A new piece of exciting news is that we have $100 dollars to do an  
Aikido movie night.  This isn't just a club movie night, but it can  
hopefully be seen in the CCTheater.  It can be for free or a  
fundraiser and I will need help organizing that as soon as possible.

It might feel early, but there is the 10th anniversary seminar for  
Aikido of Champlain valley and I think it would be great if we could  
get a group of club members to attend. Its October 26th-28th.   
Seminars do cost more, but we have a little extra money ($50 each  
semester) to help and its still early enough to plan a fundraiser to  
raise a little more cash.  So keep this on your calendar.

I know this is different from previous years of what the club has done  
and it does cost money now but I am working hard to keep aikido  
accessible (financially and a more available schedule) for any who  
want to do it.  If we do good this year, increase our member size, and  
act like an organized club, we can recieve more money and make it even  
easier.  I am asking for your help at the beginning of this process to  
try and make this club a success for the future.  Again, if you have  
any questions, concerns, comments, or ideas for the club please email  
me.  Have a good rest of the week and until the next email,