Hey everyone!

Classes begin tomorrow and its been kinda crazy.  The club needs to  
start the year strong, that means we (I) need you to be committed  
(even if you can't train for whatever reason).  First, we have  
positions that need to be filled by you: Vice President, Secretary,  
and Fundraiser (email me with questions about responsibilities).  We  
need more than one person running things  I need you to take  
responsibility to making the club work.  It's improving, we have money  
and I will start the process of sending money to the dojo for the  
discount tomorrow.  We will be having 3 mandatory meetings this year  
(one a month), and everyone is expected to come.  The first mandatory  
meeting will be the second week of classes Friday September 7th at a  
time between 12 and 4 (let me know what works).

We have specific goals this year.  At the meeting we will talk about:  
fundraising for the october seminar for the 10th anniversary of the  
dojo, organizing the campus wide movie night with which everyone needs  
to do something to help prepare (advertising, copyrights for movie if  
we need one, finding a movie, etc), and filling open officer positions.

Also, the discounts won't be for free.  Everyone who recieves a club  
discount is expected to do some work for the club.  Don't get  
intimidated, it won't be a lot but you will need to attend the  
meetings and/or do fundraising and prepare for the movie night or  
somehting else.  All i ask is for a couple hours of club participation  
a month so you can get the discount.  This club will fold without you  
and your amazing abilities.  If you can't attend the scheduled  
meetings, you have to let me know at least a day in advance if not  
more by email or phone (802-522-9730).

If you want to train in september, you have to let me know by the  
first of the month so i can tell the dojo.  If you have never done  
Aikido before, that is awesome, just email me with questions and/or go  
directly to The aikido of champlain valley website:  
and email Sensei with your intent or questions.  i would also be  
willing to bring any of you to a class if you want to watch one before  
making a decision.  i am willing and open to bring this club even  
farther lets just keep going.  Please email or call me (802-522-9730)  
and good luck with the beginning of classes.