Hey everyone,

Hope this week went as smoothly as possible.  If you want to start  
training this fall (september, which is only next week) let me know.   
Especially if you are thinking about the introductory series if you  
have never done Aikido, talk to me.  If the discount isn't enough, $15  
off is only a minimum.  Contact me, we might be able to work something  
out to get it under even $55.  We could always use more money and we  
could find and effective way to fundraise to make the discount a  
little more.  If we raise $50 every month and put it toward dues, that  
would bring the discount up to $20 a person (down to $50 a month to  
train).  Just email or call me if you want to train, or even if you  
feel like you can't, let me know.

There is the SGA Fall Activities Fair next Wednesday Sept 5th from  
10am-3pm.  I have classes but if you have ANY time to give please be  
generous and tell me.  If you want to help prepare you can do that to  
if you can't sit at the table.  It would be a good time to learn about  
Aikido and promote it.

Mandatory meeting next Friday September 7th!  Time yet to be announced  
so let me know what works.  Important information with officer  
positions to fill, movie night to plan for, and fundraising to do.  It  
is essential that you can make it.  The dojo is also having a  
demonstration that Friday night at 7pm I believe and Saturday morning  
at 10 or 11 am for the Art Hop next weekend.  It is a great time to  
see and support local artists (or martial artists) so stop by.  :)   
Yay! shortest email yet.  Have a good weekend and stay in touch