The OldTown Canoe factory sale is Sept 13,14,15th.

This sale is the blow out sale, that clears out their left over inventory (> 1000 boats). I have done quite of few fund raising trips. Usually
buy a boat for 300-400 range (for 800 dollar-1000 range craft).

The proposed method is an on campus raffle. Expectation should be about 2000-3000 minimum profit. The Essex Junction Boy scouts
have been using this method for years, and I have used the method for some local South Burlington School fund raising.

So, the trip is a Thursday (9/13) after work drive, and then a 4:30 AM factory line up, rush to buy boat, back by Friday Afternoon. I

Fund Raising Trip 2: Krispy Kreme Run (can raise 4-5K). Very good profit margin, Pretty easy way to raise cash.
Method: Take PreOrders
Place/Order/ Pickup in Boston
Announce Pickup at fixed Campus location within a 2 hour window
Any leftovers, sell to hungry college students.

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