If you have an IsoPrime (as apposed to Optima and earlier instruments) the bellows drive system is different and requires a little more and heavier lubrication than the original system.
  I generally use a Teflon based grease (not vacuum grease) but it really doesn't matter too much. The best way to set the bellows to near fully closed and remove the perforated metal shields. Then with a paint brush or similar apply grease to the threaded shaft. Replace the shields and cycle the bellows a few times. This is generally enough but you may also need or wish to apply a little grease to the portion of the threaded shaft on the under side of the drive assembly as well.

harish pande <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
      Dear All
  We are using DI with Gilson autosampler for C & O analyses of carbonates.Recently we have noticed that the reference side bellow of the DI is making some abnormal noise while equilibrating.Is it normal?, if not any remedy please.
  Many Thanks
  Harish Pande

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