Dear Colleagues,

We would like to encourage you to contribute an abstract to the
following interdisciplinary session, planned for the Fall AGU, 2007.
The abstract submission deadline is September 6, 2007.

DI02: Volatiles and Melts in the Earth's Interior

Sponsor: Study of Earth's Deep Interior (DI)

Cosponsor: Mineral and Rock Physics (MRP), Tectonophysics (T),
Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology (VGP)

Description: Volatiles and melts in Earth's deep interior play a key
role in the dynamics and evolution of the planet. Volatiles such as
hydrogen, carbon, and sulfur, stored in various forms and
concentrations, are known to have significant effect on the generation
of partial melts. Extraction or impregnation of partial melts in turn
can deplete or enrich the mantle in volatiles and aid major and trace
element differentiation. The presence of volatiles and melts are also
known to influence the rheology and seismic properties of minerals,
and likely have considerable influence on convective processes in the

This session seeks to bring together recent advances in geochemical,
geophysical, and petrologic constraints on the origin, stability,
characterization, and detection of volatiles and volatile-bearing
melts in the mantle and on the physico-chemical consequence of the
presence of fluids and melts in the mantle processes and properties.
We encourage contributions based on natural observations, experimental
determinations, and theoretical calculations, from any discipline,
that touch on any aspect of melting and volatile cycling in the
Earth's interior.

Rajdeep Dasgupta (LDEO, Columbia University; [log in to unmask])
Garrett Leahy (Yale University; [log in to unmask])
Cyril Aubaud (IPGP; [log in to unmask])
Jackie Dixon (University of Miami; [log in to unmask])

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