Dear colleagues,

Simon Mudd, Manny Gabet, Kitty Lohse and I are co-chairing a session at Fall
2007 AGU that may be of interest to you (see description below).  Please
consider submitting an abstract by the Sept. 6th deadline.

H56:Controls on Geochemical and Biogeochemical Processes in the Critical Zone.

There has recently been a growing interest in understanding the controls on
geochemical and biogeochemical processes within the critical zone at various
spatial scales. At the scale of individual hillslopes and soil pedons, spatial
and temporal variations in hydrologic conditions (e.g. soil moisture, fluid
velocity and solute transport) can greatly control critical zone biogeochemical
reactions and cycling. At the watershed scale, the role of factors such as the
supply of fresh minerals by erosion and the role of landscape characteristics
(e.g., topography) in modulating the contact time between water and minerals is
thought to provide a first-order control on geochemical processes, particularly
chemical weathering. We invite papers that: (1) investigate how geomorphic
processes and landscape attributes may influence the rates and spatial
distribution of chemical weathering in the critical zone, (2) examine
fundamental ways in which hydrologic and biogeochemical cycles interact across
various spatial and temporal scales, and (3) present novel techniques for
measuring and/or modeling these various processes.

Regards, Jennifer
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