Hello, we also went with a PowerVar power conditioner. The motive was to
get the 220 "hot to ground" that European instruments use from the 220
"hot to hot" that American power uses. But yes, it provides power
conditioning as well. The problem: it won't help you when you have a 30
second power-out. Worst case scenario: your turbo's start to "spin-down"
and rip apat from the torque when the power is restored. Best case: you
lose communication and thus instrument time, sample and (in my case) a
fair bit of LN2. SO I've decided I'd be better off getting a UPS even
though I already have the PowerVar. First question: How long do I need
to keep things going if the power is out? I have talked to one fellow
who has a bunch of batteries and can last many hours. I decided I need
to go for 1 hour - figuring that lasts me through 95% of the power
outages and gives me enough time to have a person do a graceful shutdown
on the rest. Bu the next question (where I am stuck): since I already
have the PowerVar, how much more conditioning do I need? UPS's go from
just coming on when there is NO incoming power up to complete isolation
where your stuff is fully isolated from the incoming power. Obviously,
there is a range of prices as well. Any thoughts?  

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We purchased a PowerVar power conditioner (rather than a UPS) through  
Reliable Power Solutions in IL. The contact is Tom Dytko, and he is  
very helpful in figuring out what you really need. They work with  
Thermo orders all the time. It was made to order. And the copper  
commodities market being what it is, you need to figure on a BIG lead  
time. They also sell UPS units.

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> I am looking into purchasing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
> for our Delta plus XP, TC/EA, Costec 4010ECS grouping. Has anyone
> purchased such a beast for their labs?  I know this is quite expensive
> so I'd like to hear input before I go much further.
> Thanks, Anne
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