August 1, 2007


We are pleased, once again, to join partners 
throughout the state in announcing plans for this 
year's Disability Mentoring Day and to invite you 
to participate in the activities offered in your 
region, or anywhere else in Vermont!

Disability Mentoring Day is a large-scale, 
broad-based effort designed to promote career 
development for students and other job seekers 
with disabilities (mentees) through hands-on 
career exploration, job shadowing, and internship 
or employment opportunities, and matching of 
mentee/mentor relationships.

Our Kick-off event is Wednesday, October 17,2007, 
with a 9:00 a.m. start at Memorial Lounge, 
Waterman Building on the UVM campus in 
Burlington. Festivities will run through noon and 
include a presentation by the Awareness Theatre 
Company and tours of jobsites throughout the 

The Kick-off is only the beginning, with a wide 
variety of tours, breakfasts, and mentorship 
opportunities being held throughout the state - 
all year long. Information on events being 
planned in your area is available through your 
regional coordinator. Planning is underway 
throughout the state, and new partners are 
welcome. Businesses, Vocational Rehabilitation 
Counselors, Supported Employment Providers, and 
Educators who work with students who will be 
seeking jobs, are especially invited to join 
their regional planning team.

To find out more about Disability Mentoring Day, 
its benefits to employers, students and job 
seekers, who your regional coordinator is, 
participant forms for mentors and mentees, 
employer partners nationally and in Vermont, and 
links to national resources, check out the 
Disability Mentoring Day website, found at:  (Click on the DMD Logo.)

We are looking forward to an exciting Kick-off 
day and to events throughout the coming year. We 
hope you will join us in creating opportunities 
in your region for persons with disabilities and 
employers to get to know each other better. We 
will all share the rewards of work communities 
that utilize the diverse talents of all 

The Statewide Steering Committee for
Disability Mentoring Day, 2007
Dale Hindmarsh and Bryan Dague, Co-chairs.
Phone: 802-656-1345
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Bryan Dague, Ed.D.
University of Vermont
Center on Disability & Community Inclusion
Mann Hall, 3rd Floor
208 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, VT 05405-1757

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Phone: (802) 656-1345
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