Our vascular lab started using Heartlab two weeks ago.  We were strictly videotape before.  It only took a week for our reading physicians to learn how to use Heartlab, and they're very happy with the system.  One of the docs also interprets at a lab that uses ProSolve, and he says he's far more impressed by Heartlab.

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We are "supposed" to be getting something called Heartlab.  I understand our sister hospital already uses it for echo, and the programs are available for the Vascular side, ready to popluate into the system with numbers and all the report-building stuff, but everyone is unprepared to actually DO that conversion, b/c we have ordered all our equip and upgrades without transmission capablities/dicom ports, etc, because we have always used the VCR.  So now we have to bring all our biggest, most expensive machines online with full wireless capabilities and that takes some technical finesse and a lot of $$$!  Our echo at Baptist uses Xcelera now, we in Vasc use Atrium, which has been marked "end of life" by the company that now owns the rights to Atrium.  Anyway, eventually, Heartlab is supposed to do it all for us, and yes it does run thru PACS, and down time is hell, and the learning curve, I understand for tech and docs, can be long and LOW.  The upside is, the techs build the !
reports and will have more influence on making sure %ages are included and appropriate, that all measurements are noted correctly.  The docs will read, change, annotate, and sign electronically.

Norma, RVT

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