Yesterday, I was in Burlington and didn't have a lot of time, but was 
able to get a few quick pictures of a cedar waxwing and a ring-billed 
gull.  I'm particularly happy with the Cedar Waxwing, since it's the 
first picture I've had that captures the actual waxy wingtips.

This morning, on the way home, I swung by Dead Creek and got some 
nice looks at a bald eagle flying overhead, an osprey looking down at 
me, an immature green heron, and a savannah sparrow.  I also saw, but 
didn't get decent photographs of, more than a dozen kestrels on Gage 
road, as well as plenty of others on rte 22a on the way south.  At 
Dead Creek there was also a large flock of killdeer, & plentiful 
great blue herons as well as miscelleneous gulls and swallows and a 
single immature black-crowned night heron.

At home this afternoon I took a break from mowing to get pictures of 
song & chipping sparrows, a juvenile yellowthroat (which, thanks to 
everyone's help -last- year when I got a picture of one, I can now 
identify without sending a "what's this fall warber?" post to the 
list, which is sort of nice) and a hummingbird that sat on a tree 
limb almost directly overhead.

Earlier in the week, at Allen Brothers Marsh, I got more good looks 
at what I think is the same green heron that tends to stay by the 
road when I take pictures of it, even though the others all fly off 
as soon as I go anywhere near them.

I've added a new rating feature to the website which allows end users 
(i.e., you guys) to rate photos; it keeps track of the ratings and 
allows any user to pull up the top rated photos from the archive.:

This lets me keep track of what people like the most and gives a 
direct line as to what other users think of as the best photos on the 
site.  By its nature, it tends not to include the most recent photos, 
because the ratings are based not only on overall score, but the 
number of raters.

Okay, enough about my geekiness.  Pictures from the last few days as follows:

Today (August 16):

Song sparrow, grazing feeder seed.

Chipping sparrow at feeder.

Common yellowthroat (1st year, fall plumage)

I was out looking for interesting birds when this ruby-throated 
hummingbird landed directly overhead.

Savannah Sparrow

Eagle in flight:

Immature green heron:


Wed, Aug 15, 2007

Ring-billed gull head profile.

Ring-billed gull

Cedar Waxwing

Tue, Aug 14, 2007

Green heron shots:

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