At 8:10 AM +0000 8/12/07, Adam Welz wrote:
>However, I'm still struggling to find cheap accomodation in the 
>Middlebury area
>for one night: Saturday 8 September (I'll be going banding with Randy Olsen on
>Sunday the 9th, and have accomodation for the next week kindly arranged for me
>by the environmental journalism people at Middlebury College). I've 
>been quoted
>upwards of $150 per night for accomodation, which strikes me as rather dear,
>and is certainly far beyond what I'm used to spending.

I've never stayed here, so I can't vouch for the place (though I'll 
probably be staying there in a few weeks), but last time I was in 
Middlebury, on my way to Dead Creek, I passed by the Sugarhouse 
Motel.  It's just north of Middlebury on rte 7, in New Haven:

Their web site lists their rates as being about $80-$100 for 
weekends.   It's not -cheap- but it's also not $150.

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