I observed the bird on private land that I do not own.  For this reason, I 
will give the following general information that may well enable you to find 
the shrike, assuming it is still in the general area.

Go to Google maps at  .  Type in Old 
Stage Rd., Williston, VT 05495

Old Stage Rd. goes N from Rt. 2.  Shortly after you head north, the houses 
start to thin out and you enter a more rural area with some open land (all 
of which is privately owned, and some of which is posted against 
trespassing) where you may find this bird.

Good luck!

Carol Wagner

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> Could you please send more specifics about this bird? I'd like to try and
> find it since I'm in the Burlington area today. I'm sure others would be
> interested as well.
> Greg
> Vergennes