Hi, Jane,

Yes, it does work -- provided you keep the grackle feeders filled.  If you 
neglect to keep them filled, the grackles will -- sensibly -- immediately 
migrate to your expensive black oil seed feeders (assuming you have not also 
forgotten to refill them).

Actually, the grackles (and their cousins the bluejays, who also will dine 
on cracked corn) are so intelligent that they quickly learn that landing on 
the black oil feeders results in loud noises, bad language, and slightly 
indecent gestures from the human resident of the dwelling.

The cracked corn to buy is the "small" cracked corn.  Your grain dealer will 
understand what you need.

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> Carol, did this work, feeding the grackles their favorite stuff away from 
> the other feeders?
> I haven't had the numbers it sounds like you've had, but just one nest 
> full of ravenous fledging grackles, one of starlings and one of bluejays 
> emptied multiple feeders daily this summer and left the woodpeckers and 
> nuthatches and grosbeaks with nothing to keep them coming.
> I only defeated them finally by getting a couple of those upside-down suet 
> feeders that only the woodpeckers and nuthatches can comfortably deal with 
> and using one decorative sunflower seed feeder I happened to have that's 
> so strangely designed that the big guys didn't bother with the contortions 
> necessary to get seeds out of it.
> Is cracked corn what they like best?
> Jane
> Shoreham