Last summer I photographed a hermit thrust nesting and feeding its young
under porch eves about 15 feet above the ground on a cabin on Great Island
in Lake Sunapee, NH.  The photos can be seen in the last issue of NH Bird
Records (or send me an email).    

Jim Block
Etna, NH
Digital Photo Courses

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Anyone heard of this before? A Hermit thrush (yes, really) nesting on  my  
covered porch, 1 foot next to my front door, on top of an old  bird feeder
of those made entirely of seeds and twigs). As far as we can  tell, at this 
point there remains one egg. We are trying to not use that door as  she gets

frantic and flies at our heads.
Right before that, a phoebe nested to the left of that same door. Quite  
strange and wonderful...

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