Between about 8 & 9 a.m., with a slight ground fog and no wind, poor viewing conditions again, the birds in my area were far more active than I had expected.

Families with juveniles are moving south.  I don't recall seeing so many birds in juvenal plumage ever before at this time of year.  (One juvenile that stumped me till I could get home and refer to Sibley turned out to be a YB sapsucker -- I should have known just by what it was doing, which was pecking on a telephone pole -- is that genetic in sapsuckers? ) 

List includes: Cedar Waxwings, Am. Robins (flocking), Purple Finch families/small flocks, Catbirds ditto, Chipping Sparrows ditto, pair of Common Yellowthroats, and more...

There was no sign of the loggerhead shrike.

Carol Wagner