There are some real gems in the Freeps "StoryChat" online sidebar.

Here's a sample:

"for anyone who has ever been out on big jay, you know that there is
no trail cut to get out there and certainly no trail cut to get down
it. what her had was a naturally formed, zig zagging path following a
ridge leading to tons of naturally formed chutes from the ice storm of

sure after 10am there was a boot pack you could follow up, but no one
cut any trees down, in fact there are some trees that have fallen down
that have been in the way of the path for years and not cleared,
because the people of big jay like to keep it as it nature intended."

It's hard to imagine that there a people who are actually that stupid.

--Matt K.

On 8/12/07, roger Klinger <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Here's today's Free Press story on this event:
> 2 interesting things in this article that might be worth discussion:
> -Workers at Jay Peak first saw this cut, and reported it to the GMC.
> I'm curious about how they figured out who cut the line.
> -The article mentions that backcountry skiers on an online forum have
> offered to volunteer to help repair the damage.  Does anyone know what
> forum they are talking about?  Volunteering to help repair the damage
> seems like a good PR move, as it might make give the authorities a
> better opinion of those that do small amounts of clearing in the bc.

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