> >Since you do so much touring, it could be that side of your skiing that is 
> >wearing them
> >out so fast. 
> that hadn't occurred to me, but it makes perfect sense.  i guess i figured that 
> climbing wasn't putting nearly the same stress on the springs that skiing 'em 
> did.  maybe i'm wrong on that count.

It's all metal fatigue. Climbing in hardwires means compressing those springs many thousands of
times, probably 10-20 times more than actually skiing in them. With the pivot, there will be very
little compression happening. Most of the stress from skiing is actually in the toe box, the
springs just hold you in and give the binding a more or less active feel.

Rottefella does have a retrofit touring kit for the cobra. It does look a bit clunky compared to
the Switchback, and the range of motion is smaller, but it is better than nothing and costs about
as much as you are spending on springs. I think they just call it the R8 Tour.


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