I do not have a solution for your problem as asked, but I do have a method
that deviates from the solution that is requested that works for me for
this type of need.  I am assuming here that the client wishes to be able
to search the content of these articles and find the ones that meet a
specific information need.  The client can consider opening or using an
existing Gmail or Yahoo email account, I prefer Yahoo as it allows sending
of larger documents in one email than does Gmail in my experience.  Both
are unlimited in the space provided, Gmail does have a limit, but they
increase it as your account approaches that limit.  Both services provide
text searching of the folder one uses for these documents, so if one
leaves all of their documents in the Inbox, one can search the entire
email account for articles that fit a word combination search.  One would
need to edit copy and then paste each article into an email sent to the
Yahoo, Gmail or other email account from the account these documents are
to be filed in itself or from another email service.  I tracked down a
search that I did in January in moments yesterday using this email search
technique.  So if all else fails, this method can be tried and it has no
financial cost attached.  This method also has the advantage of backing up
these documents should ones computer hard drive go south and I am not
thinking of a trip to Disney World here.

By the way, my point with the comments made regarding the best medical
sites listings that have been under discussion is that with the exception
of the NIH site, if I am not mistaken, all of the sites are .com sites and
none are .gov or .org with, of course, the NIH exception and Consumer
Reports that comprises two thirds of the supporting organizations,
specializes in corporate product evaluations, even though this may not be
all of what they do.  I also believe I noticed the issue of user traffic,
but did not focus on that in my observation of the site, but that is an
excellent observation and again fits the commercial type of focus of the
creators of this site evaluation, looking at a kind of search engine
optimization or user stats kind of evaluation rather than quality,
accuracy and importance of content as the deciding issues of these sites
value.  This is what I meant by the importance of glitz in these
evaluations in my comments yesterday.

VetPetPartners is a rather good discussion group of professionals and pet
owners on matters pet health and access to this group is found on the
internet.  The email discussion group may be joined for any interested by
following instructions at this URL:


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> One of my veterinarians has a large number of journal articles in pdf  format
> saved on his laptop. He's looking for a "simple" reference  management
> software that would help him to organize them. He would  like it if the program
> automatically generated a database of the articles and  would directly reference
> them from his hard drive. He's already  tried biblioexpress and connotea and
> can not get them to work.
> Any suggestions?

> Becky Lundgren, DVM
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