Jimski wrote:
>Y'all missing the point.  I was comparing her with the
>candidate, not the current incumbent. The current
>president's first name is not Hillary and he is not a
>blond female which appears to be the gist of the whole
>thread. Don't try to read more into it sometimes.

Talk about missing the point and reading more into it. First of all, 
it was you who brought politics into the discussion, and, 
specifically, referenced a candidate that inspires irrational hissy 
fits among some. Then you say that you'd actually vote for an 
arguably dumb child  over a smart, strong, experienced candidate who 
has far better ideas than the intellectually bereft administration 
and it's sycophantic cadre in Congress. I merely pointed out that it 
was that kind of muddled thinking and misguided ideological worship 
that caused people to vote for the imbecile that has done shocking 
damage to the country and is continuing to disgrace the title of 
President. What's even sadder is that voters were stupid enough to 
reelect him, even after witnessing 4 years of ineptitude and abject failure.


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