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> Cheers and Beers to the Yanks.
> They played very well.   Did Torre let them tank the previous series to be
> ready for the Sox?  Will the Yanks continue playing this well?  
> Personally I hope not.   

Am I the only one who thinks the Yankees played 'well enough', but the real issue was the lack of Boston bats?  7,4, and 2 hits?  I didn't see any of yesterday's game, but, I did see the first two and I don't think Roger or Andy were all that dominant.  Especially Roger.   

Looking at that series, I have two thoughts:  First, there is no way the Yankees go anywhere with pitching like we saw in that series (no news there, that's been their problem all year) and second, the Sox go nowhere with bats like we saw in that series.


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