two weeks ago i spent 4 days checking out burlington,
stayed at sunset b&b on main and pine
realized it was the first time i'd seen burlington in daylight, 
and not apre-ski down from stowe.

first impressions without judgment;

WOW - there's this wonderful gorgeous warm lake 
with the gorgeous green adirondak mountains on the other side,
then looking uphill past uvm along college st is camels hump..

WOW  for some reason camels hump looks more impresive then mansfield,
and now from the lake I can see the forhead, nose and chin.... 

easily love at first sight
i could see my self teaching at stowe winters and the sailing center summers
living in a sail boat summers

spent a wonderful day at a wonderful beach behind the ice rink
couldnt believe the water that far north would be that warm,
after living by lake superior which is frozen all year round.

rode our bikes around town, and out the old rail way to the viaduct across the 
lake, took a short afternoon cruise out on the lake

but reality check......
i know the ski quality doesn't match out west
so maybe bellingham/evert in washinton will have both the burlington and 
wasatch feel combined.  
I'll find out next march, when we'll be out there for 3 weeks.

and the daily grind.....

car free living appears possible in burlington limits,
spoke to a few people who do, 
wonderful coop
good bus/bike system

looked at 15 open houses sunday;
housing = $300k will take of you comfortably and give you some options,
there is lower $$ and higher $$ and you get what you pay for.

housing in Burlington proper limited, you get a little less for the $$
and it's old single or multi family home, or small and new townhome, 
traffic felt congested due to old small streets, but by day 3 we 
learned how to skirt around main and church without hassel

housing in "New North", South, and Essex junction is very similar to central ct 
in price and quality.  

Were is the town center for williston?
looks like the new box store haven at hwy2 and 2A
looked at two houses just blocks away there
wondered why they didn't build a "town center" style develpment as is being
done every where else these days in CT
but this would be another place that everything was within a walk/ride.

an open house in Essex junction claimed all the kids walk to school and all our 
needs were within walking distance,  
I could see it for the house we were in, but for all of them.
It was cool open plan wood heat home built by the trade school.

winnoski center was way cool with the falls and rehab factories, 
but I didn't see any services and it 
has "too close to the air port" written all over it,
as we saw plans skipping off the roof tops
but I suppose there isn't much air traffic

i like the vt attitudes that i've meet and it seems like it 
could be converted back to a self sustaining food center if need be

and i saw politics is politics every where as a mayoral dispute hit the front 
pages while we were there, showing where ever there is politics, there is 
greed and power that pushes aside morals and judgment.

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